Saturday, April 28, 2007

Christmas comes early for Bill Bolling

The U.S. Attorney scandal, while bad enough in itself, has also shown an amazing capacity to spin off new and ever more humiliating scandals for Republicans. The latest collateral damage stems from the fact that Monica Goodling, one of Alberto Gonzales' evil minions, is a graduate of Regent University Law School, one of the worst law schools in the United States. The most prominent alumni of that school is Virginia's current Attorney General, Republican Bob McDonnell.

McDonnell is already locked in a quiet--but quite bitter--struggle for the 2009 Republican nomination for Governor. His opponent in this intra-party struggle is Virginia Lieutenant Governor, Republican Bill Bolling. Until this week I think I would have given McDonnell a slight edge in the race since his position provides him with a much "bullier" bully pulpit.

This week's events--and the "special" attention given to McDonnell's alma mater by Jon Stewart and Bill Maher--will probably tip the balance back towards the more secular Bolling. Bolling and his supporters must be quietly dancing the happy dance wherever they are right now. Of course, they cannot celebrate too loudly or too publicly for, if he is to secure the Republican nomination in 2009, Bolling will have to woo more than a few of his opponent's religious right-wing base away.

RK and NLS are both watching this story develop.

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Stephen said...

Regent is the worst?! Why that must explain why they won the American Bar Association National
Appellate Advocacy competition 2 of the last 5 years beating out top 10 schools in both overall and best legal brief; or maybe they're the worst because they hold the current American Bar Association Negotiations Competition National title; or maybe they're the worst because they just won the Duke Constitutional Law competition. Surely those victories must make them the worst.
Quoting Barry Lynn, no fan at all of Regent's worldview. "Don't underestimate Regent students."-Boston Globe.
-Go home and do some research before posting that Regent is the "worst."