Friday, April 27, 2007

Breaking: DC drops charges against Phillip Thompson

Republican blogosphere implodes . . .

As predicted by everyone with a shred of credibility on the subject, the District of Columbia has dropped the charges against Senator Jim Webb's trusted aide Phillip Thompson:
“As I said at the time when this incident occurred, Phillip Thompson is a trusted aide and a fine man. I have great confidence in him.

“As I also said at the time, I believe that this incident was an inadvertent oversight and I am pleased that the authorities in the District of Columbia have now reached that same conclusion.

“I’m happy that Phillip and his family can now put this incident behind them.”
Let the right-wing temper tantrums begin.

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Howling Latina said...

With the recent arrest of the son of former Gov. Mike Huckabee and GOP presidential hopeful for carrying a loaded pistol on an airplane, perhaps the wingnuts should direct their outrage elsewhere.