Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Why can't all conservatives be more like A. Barton Hinkle?

Normally, I would use the Richmond Times-Dispatch to wrap this

The simple fact is that Richmond, Virginia is not well served by its major daily newspaper. All the same, just when I despair of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a Bart Hinkle Op-Ed will slip through the censors to reveal humanity and plain good sense. I think Hinkle may be the only "good" (i.e. libertarian) conservative left at the RTD.

Anyway, yesterday Bart Hinkle took on the crowd that is stampeding towards amending our commonwealth's constitution to enshrine discrimination as one of our guiding principles. The "good" news is that it seems to me that if you can discriminate against gay people, you can pretty much discriminate against anyone: personally I think we need to prevent rednecks from getting married and raising children. I will begin working on that amendment later this week.

You can see Bart Hinkle's latest Op-Ed here. Their endorsement of Peace still rankles, but in the future I will always check the RTD for a Hinkle Op-Ed before using it as a fish wrapper.

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Anonymous said...

i agree with your post about hinkle's op-ed. but am i the only one that feels that this amendment is founded on religious principles and has NO place as being defined in our legislation? granted the concept of marriage in and of itself is largely premised on religion, but to "amend" the law so that discrimination is legal makes me sick. in addition, i think everyone needs to really contemplate the other implications of this amendment, as hinkle pointed out.