Thursday, January 19, 2006

Very bad news for George Allen

Virginia and the U.S. Senate would be well rid of George Allen

Corey Hernandez at Virginia Political Line discusses a new Wall Street Journal poll released today. The poll shows that Senator George Allen has only an 11 point lead (49.3% - 38.3%) over possible opponent Democrat James Webb and only 14.1% over Democrat Harris Miller. These numbers are astounding considering that Webb has not even declared and Harris Miller has barely begun his campaign.

The supposedly popular Allen failed to capture even 50% of the voters polled. Virginia's voters are open to a change: they only need the right candidate to make the right case.

Get the story and links at the Virginia Political Line here.

Republican Senator George Allen made his first major misstep in Virginia’s 2006 campaign for the U.S. Senate when he announced that he wasn't going to give donations linked to Jack Abramoff; Allen claimed the money was spent long ago and the campaign account closed, so “the money does not exist to give it back.”

Apparently all that was just a bad joke on the part of Allen. Allen, who has one of the largest campaign war chests, if not the largest, in Congress did a little digging around and managed to find $4,000 laying around with no one’s name on it . . . no one’s name except Jack Abramoff’s, that is.

Changing course and flip-flopping, as Allen often does, the would-be 2008 presidential candidate announced that he was giving $1,000 to charity, representing a donation from Abramoff to Allen's 2000 Senate campaign and another $1,000 to charity, representing a donation to his campaign in 2005 by Tony Rudy. Allen will also return $2,000 donated by the Saginaw Chippewa Indian tribe in Michigan.

Allen’s decision to keep Abramoff’s money, followed by his flip-flip decision to donate it will hang around his neck like an albatross for the rest of the campaign. George Allen has shown that he only does the right thing when he's watched, closely.


Not Grover Norquist said...

George Allen: Not very bright.

Will Vaught said...

hmmm, I wonder if this will temp webb. think about it, he writes a critcal piece in the NYT, and you know he is aware of the "buzz" around his name...and he has hinted about running...

I wonder how the question about Webb was posed? obviously most voters in VA. don't know who Webb is, but if the poll said something like "Former Secretary of Navy James Webb" a light might have come on for some people? who knows, regardless I think the fact that Allen didn't 50 is major, and the fact that Webb did well, without as much as lifting a finger...

anther good note, Paul Hackett is up in Ohio over DeWine..that is good news too!

Anonymous said...

going to make an awesome president. George Allen is a strong conservative and he does not flip flop like you libs.

The Richmond Democrat said...

Dear Anonymous:

Please do not post silly things on my blog. Understand, you are welcome to make any argument you want, and I don't edit conservatives. If you really think George Allen would make a good senaotr or president, please take a moment and explain why.

Your post is just a "rah-rah" for Allen. If all you want to do is suck up to Allen, there are better places to do that: I doubt Allen reads my little blog. If you want to defend Allen, please feel free--but your post is empty calories.

As for myself: I've said it before, George Allen is the quintessential empty suit, with nothing to offer his nation but platitudes. he has no deeply felt values, and he does flip-flop on a regular basis. Allen steers his course by the poll du jour.

Harris Miller has the potential to make life difficult for Allen in 2006. If James Webb enters the race, Allen will be in real trouble. Allen is all facade; it's a very attractive facade, but there is no substance there.

Webb is the real deal, and if he gets into the race, Allen will probably spend most of 2006 dodging a face to face meeting, the Jerry Kilgore dodged Tim Kaine. Virginians have gotten pretty good at spotting that gambit though, so I doubt it works for Allen.

So there it is Anonymous, I've given you something to work with, something to push back against. Why oh why do you think Allen would make a good president? Why should we retain him as our senator?

Virginia wonders . . .