Thursday, January 26, 2006

Update: First Annual Jefferson-Jackson Coffee Breakfast Announced for February 11th: Harris Miller to Speak

The Metro-Richmond Young Democrats will hold their first annual Jefferson-Jackson Coffee Breakfast on Saturday February 11, 2006 from 8 AM to 10 AM at Shockoe Espresso and Roastery. Tickets are $10 and the event is open to the public. For info and tickets click here!

The featured guest this year is Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Harris Miller. This event will be a great opportunity for Richmonders to meet Mr. Miller, hear him speak, and shake his hand. Visit Harris Miller here.

Harris Miller, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate

Shockoe Espresso & Roastery is located at 104 Shockoe Slip in Richmond, Virginia. Shockoe Slip is in downtown Richmond at the corner of East Cary and 13th Street. (804) 648-3734

Shockoe Espresso & Roastery


R. Lawson said...

I will offer double the door price -- $20 -- to anyone who stands outside protesting this guy.

The Richmond Democrat said...

Who is R. Lawson?

Occupation: Software Developer

"The author is on the Board of Directors of the Programmers Guild and a long time activist in matters relating to Information Technology trends. He is pro-business and seeks solutions that allow American companies to prosper. He is also pro-labor and believes that we shouldn't sacrifice our domestic workforce in the name of globalization. Additionally he believes that there is a need to strike a balance enabling companies to remain competitive while protecting American IT professionals. The author is pro-immigrant and feels that we have immigration programs which allow our most vulnerable (immigrants) to be taken advantage of. Specifically, the H-1B and L1 visa programs have had enormous impacts on both American and foreign IT workers."

In the future Mr. Lawson please explain why you oppose an issue or candidate. I do not normally allow one or two line "slam" posts. I am, however, leaving your comment on this post, along with this note, up.

I am deleting the other comment you made on my blog today because it seemed to me like a flame/spam comment.

Thank you for visiting The Richmond Democrat.

Incidentally, your offer of $20 for protesters is probably legally enforceable. Unless you want 500 homeless people and students to show up and protest, costing you $10,000 for two hours, I suggest you amend your post.

R. Lawson said...

I don't recall the other post I made since you removed it, but I can assure you I did not post a flame to your website.

Are you still supporting the "Anti-Christ of Offshoring" or have you realized that Miller is a corporate hack, not a "Technology Executive" and certainly not a Democrat?

Any Democrat supporting Miller should examine why they are Democrats to begin with.

The fact that you would delete a post you don't agree with speaks volumes about your integrity - or lack of. Intellectually dishonest.

And if anyone protested Miller that night, if they send me some sort of proof I'll send them $20.