Monday, January 23, 2006

Same old, same old at the Richmond Times-Dispatch

The editorial staff of the Richmond Times-Dispatch have reverted to type with their endorsement of Chris Peace for delegate in the 97th District here. Peace is a 29-year old, still-wet-behind-the-ears, unemployed lobbyist. Peace has failed the Virginia Bar examination twice. He no longer plans to practice law, which is convenient, because you aren't allowed to practice law unless you do pass the bar exam.

Peace has lived in the 9th District less than ten weeks; Montgomery for more than ten years. Hell, it took Peace two tries just to carpet bag his way into the 97th District: the first time he tried to move he misjudged the boundary line and had to move again to qualify to run for the seat. There can be no doubt that Peace is another hack Republican who will be hopelessly compromised by his relationships with special interests from day one. He has embraced every kind of fiscal quackery espoused by Jim Gilmore and George Allen.

Of course, the editorial staff could have avoided such an egregious mistake had they troubled to read their own newspaper here. RTD staff writer Tyler Whitley wrote the following about Chris Peace:
Peace, 29, left McGuireWoods Consulting, where he was a lobbyist, to run for the House seat.

Peace is a graduate of St. Christopher's School, Hampden-Sydney College and the University of Richmond Law School. But he has not passed the bar exam, failing it twice. He says he has no plans to be a lawyer.
A thoroughly underwhelming résumé that reveals Peace as a child of privilege that has made very little of the opportunities that privilege has afforded him. Compare that with what Whitley wrote about Montgomery:
[Montgomery] brings to the campaign an impressive résumé, plus name recognition from running in 2001, when he lost to McDougle by about 5 percentage points. Montgomery, 42, is a lawyer [meaning he's passed the bar exam], a West Point graduate and a former Army Ranger who returned to active duty in Operation Desert Shield.

He is a partner in a small law firm in Richmond and lives in Sandston with his wife, Carole, and their two young sons. He is a president of the local PTA. The Montgomerys settled in Sandston in 1995, after he was stationed at Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia.
An impressive résumé indeed, Mr. Whitley; perhaps you should have slipped a copy of your article under the door of the editorial board.

Anyone who could endorse Chris Peace, an unemployed lobbyist, for delegate over an experienced and proven leader like John Montgomery with a straight face doesn't deserve to be take seriously as a commentator on political subjects. If the editorial board of the RTD wants to be taken seriously by the residents of Metro-Richmond, they will need to reconsider their decision to function as nothing more than a wing of the Republican Party of Virginia.

The Richmond Democrat is proud to endorse John Montgomery to represent the 97th District in the Virginia House of Delegates!

John Montgomery: honorable service and proven leadership


Tom James (aka Brave Hart) said...

Hear! Hear!

J.Sarge said...

This was an excellent post, J.C. I hope things went well in Dallas, but I can't help but wish that you had been around this last week to add your insight into the 97th race.

I hope the news is favorable when you step off the plane - and for years to come.

J.Sarge said...

I have a rundown of RTD endorsements here: