Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kaine to give State of the Union response

This is a major feather in the cap of Tim Kaine, Mark Warner and the Virginia Democratic Party. It points to the emerging importance of the Virginia model of governance. Here, in Virginia, Democrats and Republicans have found a way to work together, if not always get along. Two Democrats in a row have produced a vision of governing that carried them past Republican challengers in a presumably Republican state. It's important for Mark Warner because none of his presidential rivals would have allowed Warner to speak, but having Kaine speak is the next best thing. I wonder how many times Governor Kaine can work the word "Warner" into a State of the Union response address?

My only regret is that Governor Kaine won't be allowed to debate President Bush. Anyone who saw the last Kaine-Kilgore debate knows what a massacre that was. Someone call Larry Sabato and see if he can arrange a Bush-Kaine matchup. If only debates were like prizefighting.

The Washington Post has the story here here.

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