Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kaine theme for SOTU rebuttal to be Republican corruption

Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine (D): A skilled and confident communicator

This could be the best State of the Union rebuttal ever. Anyone who has ever met Tim Kaine in person, or even taken the time to listen to a speech on television, knows that Virginia's Governor is an exceptionally talented communicator. Kaine, a former civil rights litigator, has a knack for communicating key ideas and hammering them home in a way that people understand.

Contrast this to a President whose speeches are often re-dubbed to eliminate minor errors of pronunciation and who is the center of a cottage industry based upon his proven ability to produce malapropisms (now known as "Bushisms"). President Bush often has trouble convincing listeners that he really knows what he's talking about. When he is juxtaposed with Governor Kaine, the contrast will be a painful one for Republican partisans.

I doubt any high school forensics class ever saw a more mismatched pair: the hard-working middle-class honor student versus the hard-partying rich kid who hung out at the back of class and never paid attention, trusting to daddy's connections to help him slip by. This is going to be an oratorical massacre.
"Governor Kaine is the perfect choice to respond to the State of the Union Address," said a Democrat with knowledge of the party's State of the Union preparations. "He is a Democrat who was elected from a red state by focusing on the issues that affect all Americans and has a proven track record as a leader who successfully tackles the tough issues."
The Washington Post carries the story here.


Josh Chernila said...

I love Tim Kaine.

I am so proud to have worked hard on his campaign.

I am so proud to have helped debunk his critics, highlight his credentials a thousand times and make a small contribution to getting him elected Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Tim Kaine promises to be one of the greatest Governors in the history of the Commonwealth of Virginia. That's heady stuff considering that Thomas Jefferson once held the post.

I love Tim Kaine. There is no job too great for him.

He is the wrong choice for this job. He should not rebutt the State of the Union.

With Bin Laden dominating the news cycle, Jack Murtha needs to debunk Bush on Tuesday to show highlight the fact that a Repblican majority has NOT made Americans safe.

On the eve of the 2004 election Bin Laden issued a similar threat. The Kerry campaign focused on economic issues and a cowed American electorate granted our ignorant, failed, executive a steaming pile of "political capital" by reelecting him.

In 2006 the cards are all stacked against Democrats retaking the House or Senate. Gerrymandered districts and incumbent power put only a handful of seats in play. Only a completely demoralized Republican base, energized Democratic Base and compelled, empowered, inspired center can create the change necessary to bring the corrupt, failed Bush adminstration to justice.

Would that Tim Kaine were the man for this job. He simply is not.

Alleyn said...

I love TK... Go get em Tim!