Monday, January 23, 2006


I've been out of town for nearly a week, visiting a business that I own a part of in Dallas, Texas. I finished the tax return last night and I'll relaxing tonight with friends before returning to Richmond, Virginia tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll step off the plane and hear that John Montgomery has won election to the 97th District's seat in the House of Delegates.

In the meantime, some housekeeping:

Where's Waldo? He's blogging the hell out of the General Assembly here!

Josh Chernila is my hero, and you can see why here. Josh has a great article about the Republican strategy for the 2006 mid-terms: they are putting all their eggs in the threadbare basket labeled "national defense." The Republican Party's leadership has been disaster for our security: we'll set the record straight during the next ten months of blogging.

J. Sarge at New Dominion has done a great job of covering the 97th District race; you can visit him here.

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Carnival said...

Hi, I was just wandering the blogosphere and here I am at your blog. I enjoy the style of how this all works.

This is one to watch.


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