Monday, January 30, 2006

Did Delegate Jack Reid lie to the General Assembly and the public?

Richmond, Virginia -- January 30, 2006

Today I received the following reply to my Kel-Tec inquiry:
From :
Sent : Monday, January 30, 2006
To :
Subject : Re: Reliability and Safety of Kel-Tec's P-3AT Pistol Design

Thank you for your email.

There was obviously a round already in the chamber as it would
be impossible for the gun to fire as described. The gun would not
have fired simply by ejecting the magazine.

It is impossible that the gun accidentally fired as described by Mr. Reid.

Have a great day!
Yes, I believe Delegate Jack Reid lied to the General Assembly and the public.


Charlie said...

Good work.

Anonymous said...

I concur, great work. Although Kel-Tec would hate their firearm getting bad press, it is so very clear that Reid lied. The only problem that has been highlighted here is that Reid handled a firearm with total disregard for safety or common sense. Maybe his carry permit should be revoked, as a driver's license would be if you drove drunk.

J.Sarge said...

Great reporting, J.C.

The Richmond Democrat said...

Thanks J.Sarge, and thanks for your comment last night: it brought me back to earth, so to speak. I removed the last two paragraphs of the "croakie" post and apologized to Mr. McAllister today. I stand by the rest, but the last two paragraphs were over the top and uncalled for.

Now, to Mr. Reid: we've already established that there are no consequences for firing guns in the General Assembly Building. Now tell us J.Sarge, as the dean of the General Assembly history department, are there any consequences for lying repeatedly to the General Assembly, the press, and the citizens of Virginia?

Corey D. Hernandez said...

Nice investigtive work J.C.

Virginia Centrist said...


J.Sarge said...


I agree with VC on this one. Much like lying about infidelity, lying about being and idiot with a gun (I apologize for the unintended pun) is probably considered forgivable by America at large. Note, it is not the ACT that America has tolerance for, it is the lying to cover it up.

Del. Reid was not under oath at any point. His lying qua lying probably has no direct legal ramifications up to this point.

The real test could come in two forms, both of which I believe are appropriate. First, the press should take this information you found and press Reid on it. The public forum is the prefect place to clear the air regarding his alleged misstatements. Second, the Commonwealth's Attorney for the City of Richmond ought to charge Del. Reid with a misdemeanor for discharging his gun in a public building. Then the truth of this situation might actually come out.

I urge Richmond residents to contact Mr. Herring's office if they are so inclined and suggest that Del. Reid be charged, just as would any other Virginia citizen would be under these circumstances.

Mr. Herring's info:

The Richmond Democrat said...

Thank you sir; I knew you'd have the answer.

Tom James (aka Brave Hart) said...

As asked here:

Did he really ahve a concealed permit?